Does your wedding or event business need a website?

As a website designer you might assume I think every business needs a website, I don’t. 

What I do think is that most businesses need a website, especially those in the wedding and events industry.

After a long time working with couples, fellow suppliers and planners I know how important a website is for showcasing your work and building trust.

When I first came into the ‘online space’ I was surprised to see a lot of people talk about not having a website, or having made X amount of money before investing in a website. The thing was, most of these people were coaches/course creators and so on, and to be fair a lot of those business types can survive off social media alone to begin with.

For me however, coming from a bricks and mortar business (music studio) and a highly visual image led business (a wedding band agency) a website for each was a must.

Even when my music businesses ventured into the online world during the pandemic and we built an audience on Instagram for a guitar practice course – having a dedicated website to direct potential buyers to so they could read more about my business partners musical expertise, browse the blog and sign up from was imperative to the success of the course.

If we had just sent them to one sales page, or DM’d them a payment link, would they have trusted the course and parted with money? Some may have, but I’m sure not as many would have. 

You do not need to invest in a website as the first thing you do in business, for a lot of businesses I would say you could do without a website for the first 6-12 months of trading.

However, there will come a time when a website is going to…

Give you extra credibility.

Save you time by answering FAQs before they are asked.

Save you time by integrating automations like booking systems, payments and CRM databases.

Convert more clients by giving them one place to learn more about the business, view all the services, contact details and testimonials on their way to buying.

Make the busy work behind every business a bit easier.

Is it time to invest in a well designed website for your business?

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