Five common website mistakes (that are easy to avoid)

Mistakes happen, especially in the wedding and events industry (we all know how hectic things get behind the scenes), however easy to avoid mistakes on a website are not cool.

Whether it is a website made using a DIY builder or a website created by a paid professional, these are the common errors I spot.  


Not formatting the website to look good and work well on mobile. It may be clear and lovely on a desktop, but with at least 50% of websites being viewed from a mobile device, not having it formatted with mobile in mind is a big mistake. This can range from simple corrections such as adjusting font sizes, to bigger issues like videos or layouts not loading properly.

Awkward copy. I get it, writing copy is hard, but it is also important! I’m not talking about a few grammar or spelling mistakes. I’m talking about jumping between first and third person throughout a website (where context does not apply) or using words that just don’t sound natural (it is easy to slip into over formal language).



Broken links. So easily done, so easily missed and so annoying to the visitor.

Outdated information. If you are hosting events or putting dates on your website, for example upcoming wedding shows, you have to remember to update them. Understanding how to make quick updates to your own website to change or delete time sensitive information is the best way to avoid this issue.



Not exactly a mistake, more a pet peeve, too much information! There is a fine line between enough text to inform potential clients (and Google) about your business, and a website that basically reads like an essay. Similarly having too many pages and too much repetition of information

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