I or We?

Should you write as I or We on your website?

Personally I believe that your copywriting should accurately reflect your business, so if your business is a two or more people, using ‘we’ is fine.

However if you run the business alone and the client will be working directly with you, I always think that referring to yourself as ‘I’ is much better.

Especially if you work in the wedding industry, where a more personal approach is often desired by clients.

There is an assumption that using ‘we’ or talking in the third person will make your business sound more impressive and more trustworthy to clients.

In my experience often the opposite is true, talking as ‘we’ when really ‘I’ would be more appropriate makes it harder to connect your words with your client.

If your business gets great reviews because everyone loves your personal approach, but you speak as ‘we’, you dilute your USP and unintentionally create as discord with the reader.

Potential clients aren’t stupid, and if you talk as ‘we’ but show no photos or evidence of a team or partner, it becomes harder to build trust through the copywriting.

My suggestion is to always speak authentically and honestly, if that means talking about your team then brilliant, but if it means speaking about just yourself then great – celebrate this!

You can even switch between ‘we’ and ‘I’ when appropriate, for example:

‘I work with my amazing team to create the perfect floral arrangements for your wedding, together we source, style and set up for your big day we manage it all’.

Or (from my own wedding business):

‘Hi, I’m Heloise and I run Bespoke Party Bands, welcome to our website! We specialise in creating the right live music for events, venues and moments.’

I run the business, but we (my business partner and the musicians) create the right music.

However, if you are a solo florist, then speaking about a team you don’t work with won’t sound right.


‘I create the perfect floral arrangements for your wedding, from sourcing, styling and setting up for your big day, I manage it all with good humour and great organisation.

The message is the same, but the words reflect the nature of the business.

If reading the copywriting on your website out loud sounds clunky or unnatural in your voice, one of the first things to check and change is your use of ‘I’ and ‘we’.

Give it a go!

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