Landing Pages for Wedding and Event Businesses

Landing Pages – what are they and does your wedding or event business need them?

A landing page is simply a website page that a visitor ‘lands’ on.

Unlike a Homepage or About Page which can contain as much information as you like, a Landing Page should be kept short and sweet with specific information for a specific action – usually with the aim of converting a visitor to a subscriber.

For example, if you came to my email list from a social media advert you will have landed on a landing page. Although part of my website, this page is a stripped back to:

  1. Load quickly
  2. Make it as easy as possible for you to sign up and receive the guide, without the distraction of a header menu or navigation to other parts of my website.

Here is that landing page as an example:

So does your business need a landing page?

Yes, if:

  • You want to build your email list by offering a free resource in return for an email address.

  • You are running social media adverts, have written a guest blog for another website or have a pin on Pinterest promoting your download.

  • You are running a competition and want to make it super simple for people to sign up. For example I don’t currently have a landing page for Bespoke Party Bands, but in the new year we will be running a wedding competition to attract new potential customers and I will create one for that purpose.

No, if:

  • You are promoting your existing services and business as a whole, this is what your full website is for, not your landing page.

  • You are not asking for an exchange of information, for example their email address in return for your brochure. Without the exchange of information, there is no need for the landing page! Just let someone browse your full website instead.

For wedding and event businesses using landing pages to convert visitors into email subscribers can be very successful in the context of brochure downloads, competition entries or services specific guides (for example ‘how to choose a seasonal colour scheme for your wedding’, or ‘seven unexpected love songs that make amazing first dances’).

There is landing page specific software, however as usual, I always build mine within the website!

Keeping the software you need to a minimum and the set up simple is always the best approach.

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