Plan B because Plan A isn’t always the best way!

Let’s talk quickly about ideas and plans! There is a myth, one that I certainly bought into, that there is one good idea and all you have to do is find it.

One day, it will appear to you like some beautiful business epiphany and boom, there is your business idea. All that is left is to put the business plan together and you’ve made it.

Now this might happen to a few people, and I love reading about these quick clear business success stories as much as the next person.

However the reality is often very different, and in my experience the plan B of my idea has always been stronger than the original plan A.

Sometimes you have to start exploring an idea in order to understand its potential fully, but you also have the have the awareness and humility to recognise when your initial plan A needs to be tweaked, improved and morphed into a better plan B.

I became pretty comfortable with embracing plan B early in my business ‘journey’ (please forgive me for using that phrase).

I got halfway through writing a business plan, found a better template and better lender, so started again. 6 months of work pretty much scrapped, I managed to transfer some of it, but not all. The plan B plan was much more effective.

I planned a lot of the music studio based on a commercial unit we had found and designed a sound proofing spec around.

After 18 months of work we got the business plan and loan approved for this location, then the landlord chose to lease it to a gin maker instead. The studio we eventually started is plan B, but it is better in every way.

I thought I wanted to expand the music studio with loads of workshops and events, then I realised that it made much more sense to expand to provide an online music service instead.

So I put a hold on my original ideas and focussed on learning about digital marketing. The plan B expansion strategy has a lot more money making potential than plan A ever did.

One of the most important things for me in business is to be focussed on the end goal, but flexible about how to get there.

Don’t be afraid to change your mind and don’t see plan B as a failure.

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