Planning your website

When you first think about planning your new WordPress website (or revamping your existing one), what do you think about first?

Colours, font, layout…

These are important elements, your visual branding is the first impression of your business and it should be taken seriously.

Equally important, and often neglected, are the words you use, the journey you want visitors to take on your website and the end result you are aiming to achieve.

When you work with Clover & Bramble on your website, we take a full on scuba suit deep dive into your business and planning your website.

The goal is never to create something that just ‘looks good’, it has to work for you and your business goals.

So let’s start your website planning with these important questions:

What is the aim of your website?

  • Is it to sell products or services directly?
  • Is it to take bookings?
  • Is it to encourage leads to book a call?
  • Is it to showcase your previous work?
  • Is it to further engage with your audience through a blog?
  • Is it to build the credibility of your business?
  • Is it something else?

Who is your website for?

    • Who is your ‘dream’ client?
    • How do they use the internet?
    • What words resonate with them?
    • Are they looking for lots of social proof in the form of testimonials and a portfolio?
    • Are they likely to make a quick ‘buy’ or do they need to learn more about you?

What questions does your website need to answer?

    • If you have a physical location, does the website need to include directions and a map?
    • Do you have packages and prices available?
    • Would an availability calendar be relevant?
    • Do you have past work to showcase?
    • Do you have products to demonstrate?
    • Do clients want to know more about your credentials as the business owner?

Getting clear on the initial answers to these questions is a great place to start planning your website.

From there we can devise the best page structure, layout, software and copywriting to connect with your clients – which is always the ultimate goal of a good website.

If you already have your font and colour palette sorted that’s great, we incorporate your existing visuals into the new website design.

If you don’t have your fonts or colours chosen it’s not a problem, we work out what would suit your business and your new website, then we get designing!

Are you ready to plan your new website? How exciting!

Get in touch to find out more about working with us and boosting your online presence!

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