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I’m so excited to work with you, a new website is an amazing step for your business. It’s a chance to … 

I work with business owners in the wedding and events industry to create stunning websites, with clear copywriting and smooth systems.

Does this sound like you?

You have a website, but it doesn’t match the quality of your business.

You feel a little bit awkward sending the link to prospective clients.

You would like to showcase your best work, and display your portfolio in one place.

You want to increase your prices and work with higher value clients, but your online home doesn’t reflect your services.

You are really busy running your business and don’t have time to learn about website design on top of that.

You don’t even have a website, and you are relying on social media entirely!

"Choosing Heloise to re-design my website was the best decision I have ever made. I chose her as I loved the way she specialises in websites for the wedding industry as this meant she completely understands what people are searching for within the industry."

I support my clients in three ways: a ‘Not another website audit’ for businesses owners who are planning to DIY their first website or know their existing website needs ‘something’ more to start booking more of the ‘right’ clients.

A complete ‘designed-for-you’ website (my most popular option) where we work out what you need from your website, and then I go away and make it happen.

Or my ‘Website + Words Edit’ service which includes everything! An (up to) 10 page bespoke website design, software advice and integration, brochure design and copywriting.

Which option is best for you depends on what stage your business is at, how much you would like to invest, and simply what you would prefer! There is no right answer!

Clover & Bramble Website Design

"I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these results by myself. I was blown away with not only Heloise’s design skills but her extensive knowledge on what works and doesn't work for a website."

The Process


Before anything can happen, I need to learn about your business.

Who are your dream clients?
What do you want from your website?
Do you need support with branding?
Do you need content or copywriting support?
Can I hook you up with some helpful systems?
Do you need a newsletter or blog?

So many questions, so much opportunity! This part is actually fun, I promise.


The design process includes some or all of the following:

Colour palette and typography approval
Custom website design
Blog/portfolio design
Contact enquiry forms
Photo galleries and video integration
Subscriber opt-in forms 
Social media integration

Most importantly: Simplifying the process, making it look good and work well!


Handing over a website you can use evolve with your business.

Not only do you have a shiny new website, you also receive a personal training video, showing you how to update and maintain your site. 

We also arrange a handover call to make sure you understand the basics of your website and can ask any lingering questions.

Ongoing ad-hoc design, content and copywriting is always available.

"Our website now reflects our business perfectly. I absolutely love it and it makes me really proud to show what we do in such a beautiful and inspiring way. Heloise was really approachable and understood just what I was trying to achieve."

It isn’t just about making a website that looks good – although that is part of it!

It’s about creating an online home for your business with solid foundations, that is easy for both you and your clients to use.

"" I feel you have dramatically boosted my business so I thank you for that!"


I offer a variety of services that help your business get from where it is now, to where you want it to be.

‘Not another website audit’

‘Not another website audit’

Not another website audit – because those things are boring and I don’t think ‘just’ critiquing an existing website is particularly helpful for anyone!

Instead, these two deep dive sessions with me are perfect for wedding and event businesses that either:

Know their existing website needs ‘something’ more to start booking more of the ‘right’ clients.


Are at the early stages of creating their own website and need an expert pair of eyes to walk through structure, messaging and strategy to make sure their final website is attracting their ideal clients.

This is for you, if:

You may be working on your first website yourself.

You may have paid someone else to build your website a while ago, but you don’t feel like it is connecting with the couples you want to be working with.

You may be staring at the pages thinking, something is missing, something could be better

After working with numerous business owners, writing detailed business plans and implementing various strategies into my own endeavours – I can vouch for the value of fresh eyes, a detailed discussion and a clear strategy.

Let’s approach your website the same way.

First Session

Messaging | Headlines | Copy prompts 

Will search engines understand what your website is about and who it is for – Are you prose SEO friendly?

You know what makes what you do different, but is that obvious throughout your website.

Fresh eyes looking for the gaps in messaging and language.

Pulling out keywords that quickly convey what you do, to the clients you want to do it for.

Continuity of tone, do your clients connect with first or third person copy.

Are you over-explaining, sometimes less is more when it comes to your words.

Second Session

Website Structure | Software Recommendations | Cogs of the marketing funnel | Blog & Email mapping

Your website visitor journey, from website traffic to bookings and clients.

Make running your business easier, use my years of working behind the scenes on businesses in the wedding and events industry to understand which software is available to save you time and stress. 

Get rid of getting ghosted, honest disclaimer: it can never be totally avoided, but we can implement marketing strategies to reduce the frequency and time consumption involved – freeing you from frustration and keeping your focus on the more important and lucrative aspects of your business.


Immediate actions for you to implement throughout your website, so you can increase your enquiries and secure more bookings

Improved page structures that direct website visitors to get in touch with you

On-brand messaging, that speaks directly to your ideal client and attracts the right budgets

Streamlined content, giving your clients the right information without overwhelming them

Keywords and phrases to connect the copywriting across your website and marketing

Software recommendations, to improve your customer experience, save you time and make the admin side of your business as seamless and stress free as possible

Investment £480 / 2 x £240

Designed For You

My Signature (and most popular) Design Package

Ideal for small business owners who need a website that works for them… and are ready to get it done!

We curate visual content to reflect your brand.

We streamline the structure of your website to ensure your clients can navigate it with ease.

We discuss what you need your website to do, and we work out the best systems to integrate with your website to make biz life as easy as possible for you.

Not everyone has the time to build their own website, and there is no need to – I can build it for you!

What does Designed For You include?

• 1-2-1 call to plan your website and words
• Colour palette and typography suggestions
• Full website copywriting (optional)
• Bespoke design
• Desktop, Tablet and Mobile optimised
• Custom blog/portfolio design
• Mailing list and/or CRM integration
• Contact enquiry forms, photo galleries and video integration
• 1 year of free website hosting on my plan
• End of project training video and handover call


From £1500 for a 5-6 page bespoke design

From £1800 for a 7-10 page bespoke design

Optional extras include Copywriting, Booking System Setup, Email Marketing Setup and Dubsado Setup | Payment Plans Available 

For You

The Website + Words Edit

The Website + Words Edit

The ultimate way to get your wedding or event website online and working for you.

A platinum package event, a wedding weekend extravaganza, a fully styled and planned party, a silver service seven course dinner… this is my website equivalent!

This is more than just designing a website for your business, it’s about creating an online tool that does some of the work for you.

When a visitor lands on your website we want to make things as easy as possible for them, and for you.


With a streamlined website structure that guides them through your services and encourages them to take the next step with you.

Advice, set up and integration of software that helps you run your business. Dubsado, Studio Ninja, Mailerlite and Mailchimp to name a few, are great examples of software that can help automate parts of your marketing. Confused? Don’t worry, we can talk about it.

An on-brand brochure, giving website visitors a reason to take things further by offering a helpful download that gives them further details about the services you offer.

Engaging words, written with both your ideal client and SEO in mind.

What does The Website + Words Edit include?

• 1-2-1 call to plan your website and words
• Colour palette and typography suggestions
• Full website copywriting
• Bespoke design (up to 10 pages)
• Desktop, Tablet and Mobile optimised
• Custom blog/portfolio design
• On-brand brochure design and automated delivery set up
• Software set up and integration, including email marketing, CRM and booking systems
• Contact enquiry forms, photo galleries and video integration
• 1 year of free website hosting on my plan
• End of project training video and handover call

Investment from


""Heloise was absolutely fantastic. I have no idea about website development and she made the whole process so simple and even enjoyable!"

‘Not another website audit’

Investment £480 (2 x £240)

Designed For You

£1500 | 5 – 6 pages
£1800 | 7 – 10 pages

The Website + Words Edit

Investment from £3000

I understand that investing in your business can be daunting, this step is for you, if:

You want a smooth to use website that will be super easy for your clients to navigate

You want a website full of words that speak to your client, not just about your business

You want to work with someone who takes a holistic business approach to website creation

You want to save time by not building a website from scratch yourself

You want to feel confident about using your finished website, and not be tip toeing around the tech

Finally, you want a professionally created website that works on desktop, tablet and mobile. Obviously!

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