The one thing that changed my whole mindset about starting a business

Ok I am by no means a mindset and confidence expert, but I know 100% that having the right mindset around my business idea and the confidence to pursue it made all the difference to actually achieving my end goal (secure a loan and open a business).

One of the best pieces of advice I got when I was planning the business was from an acquaintance who had recently opened a very successful café in our local town. She had been down the business planning road ahead of me and had secured a loan to start up.

Her advice was you are the expert in what you are planning. The bank manager is not a cafe expert or a music studio expert, all they want is to trust that you are the expert. You need to remember you know more than they do.

This changed my whole mindset about the business plan. Up until that point (which was still early days) I felt like I was asking someone permission to open a business, I was wanting someone to tell me I could do it.

Actually I wasn’t asking anyone’s permission, instead I was presenting evidence to show I was the right person to start this business. For that to work I had to fully believe I was the right person.

This changed the style of my writing, the way I spoke to others about my ideas, how I presented myself to landlords and bank managers. I understood that if I truly believed in myself, and had the evidence to back me up, there was no reason why other people wouldn’t either.

Confidence in yourself as a business owner doesn’t start the day your business launches, it is an ever growing process from the moment you take the first step.

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