Treating your website like a brick-and-mortar shop

A well designed website is a must for any business in the wedding or events industry and can be an opportunity to provide excellent customer service. Let’s imagine your website is a shop, the way you provide good customer service in real life is similar to how you provide it on your website.


Welcome people

A good way to do this is by introducing yourself personally, or introducing your business.

There is no point having a super fancy website if people don’t know why they are there or what you do – style over substance is not the way to approach website design!

Display an email address!

It doesn’t have to be plastered all over your website, but have it visible at least on the contact page or in the footer.

Why? Contact forms are great, but there is always a small chance of them ‘breaking’ temporarily and messages not being delivered.

Making sure your actual email address is visible somewhere on the website is a good back up, and enables your customers to get in touch even if your contact form goes down.



Change that faulty lightbulb

Even the best websites can fall victim to the odd broken link, glitchy button or out of date page information.

Same as you would double check a squeaky door, damaged stock or a blown lightbulb, once a month it is wise to go through your website and make sure everything is in working order.

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