Why having a dog improves my work

Dog posts on social media are always an easy win!

I’m joking, that’s not how having a dog improves my business. Although it is true!

Three years ago I was working a 9-5 corporate job, working all other hours at my music studio and I had Rose, the sweetest little old lady dog I could ever hope to know (and who my business is party named after).

Now I work for myself full time, and I have Geoffrey, a young german shepherd who needs quite a bit of my time and attention each day.

My role in business has also changed over the years, when the music studio first opened I was there almost every night, greeting customers and in all honesty learning how to run a business!

Now I am able to take a step back from the day to day running of the music businesses, and I spend more time working from home on the projects that interest me, like Heloise Rose!

Having a dog, while occasionally inconvenient, stops me from becoming too much of an introverted workaholic during the week.

I can easily get sucked into a project and spend hours and hours at the computer. I know I should get up and move, but I tell myself ‘just another 10 minutes and then I’ll be done’.

Geoffrey TELLS me when I’m done, and actually I’m so grateful he does.

Now I’m not against a good hard hustle or late night deadline push, I think that sometimes you need those intense work periods to get stuff done.

why having a dog improves my work

What can’t happen is working that way every day, and when you are working at home and setting your own schedule it can be easy to overwork and burn out.

Geoff forces me out for a long walk every day, he gives me a reason to get up for a play or potter in the garden, he reminds me when it’s dinner time and he generally listens when I talk about the integration or cache issues I’m having (more than people do anyway).

I’m definitely not saying get a dog to help you work better, but I am saying that if you already have a dog you should be utilising them as your best human resource team member.

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