Landing Pages for Wedding and Event Businesses

Landing Pages – what are they and does your wedding or event business need them?

A landing page is simply a website page that a visitor ‘lands’ on.

Unlike a Homepage or About Page which can contain as much information as you like, a Landing Page should be kept short and sweet with specific information for a specific action – usually with the aim of converting a visitor to a subscriber.​

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I or We?

Should you write as I or We on your website? Personally I believe that your copywriting should accurately reflect your business, so if your business is a two or more people, using ‘we’ is fine. However if you run the business alone and the client will be working directly with you, I always think that referring to yourself as ‘I’ is much better. Especially if you work in the wedding industry, where a more personal approach is often desired by clients.

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Five common website mistakes (that are easy to avoid)

Mistakes happen, especially in the wedding and events industry (we all know how hectic things get behind the scenes), however easy to avoid mistakes on a website are not cool. Whether it is a website made using a DIY builder or a website created by a paid professional, these are the common errors I spot.

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Treating your website like a brick-and-mortar shop

A well designed website is a must for any business in the wedding or events industry and can be an opportunity to provide excellent customer service. Let’s imagine your website is a shop, the way you provide good customer service in real life is similar to how you provide it on your website.

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Planning your website

When you first think about planning your new WordPress website (or revamping your existing one), what do you think about first? Colours, font, layout… These

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Does your business need a website?

As a website designer you might assume I think every business needs a website, I don’t. 

What I do think is that most businesses need a website, and almost all business owners will benefit from a well designed and automated online home.

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